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  • Artist Info: Hey whats up? biggrin <br />
    Im not that old but im not that young either.<br />
    In life there are a lot of good and bad things in it for me. I love almost every sport, and i play a load of them as well. Basketball, softball, track, bowling, volleyball...you name it, ive played it. Im not the girliest person alive and i hate pink. I have many friends, they come to me for advise and sometimes i need to go to them for things. Im verys trustworthy, most of the time i forget what people say to me so....i guess thats why they trust me. I like to say whats on my mind. No matter if its mean or nice or...just plain down right sick...i have a perverted mind lol. I love to draw in my free time and everytime i draw i get a little bit better or at least learn something new. Life has soo much to offer me and everyone else.<br />
    we will all have our ups and downs<br />
    just buckle your seatbelt and get ready for the ride!!<br />
    Life is comming fast
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