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  • Artist Info: i am 16<br />
    i am a VEGETARIAN<br />
    you can't reslly label me<br />
    i dress as i choose<br />
    i have crazy scene hair when i want it that way<br />
    i wear skinny jeans when i want to wear them <br />
    and i tuck them into my combat boots, sometimes<br />
    other times i wear flip flops or high tops <br />
    <br />
    i have dirty blonde hair <br />
    i want to have white hair with greenish-black streaks, pink hair with purple bangs, or neon red hair <br />
    my eyes change color <br />
    the less i am in the light, the more they glow green <br />
    the more light i am, the more blue-ish grey they are <br />
    i want white contacts <br />
    my skin color is closer to white than most peoples <br />
    my foundation number is 0, and it's still too dark, but i can't really help it <br />
    i do my own peircings <br />
    i have 3 lobes in my left ear, with the lower being an 4g <br />
    i have 2 lobes in my right ear and a high cartilege, with my lowest lobe being a 4g <br />
    <br />
    i am "known" as an art kid <br />
    im in AP (advanced placement) art <br />
    this gives college credit, as well as builds a portfolio for college <br />
    i have also won many awards for my art; my earliest being at the age of 8 <br />
    impressed? <br />
    <br />
    i like:<br />
    victorian era clothes <br />
    emilie autumn make up <br />
    Neon colors <br />
    Photoshop <br />
    art <br />
    sleaze metal <br />
    horror films <br />
    video games <br />
    doc martins<br />
    blood <br />
    being a freak <br />
    halloween <br />
    crazy emo hair <br />
    hawt trannies <br />
    beautiful artistic girls <br />
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