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  • Artist Info: -Holly. <br />
    -I'm a eighteen year old girl who's in her first year in college. <br />
    -I believe in God <br />
    .I don't have to go to church to believe in God <br />
    -I listen to all types of genre, but I prefer alternative rock. <br />
    Rap artists that I like: <br />
    .Linkin Park <br />
    .Eminem <br />
    .SanitytheSinner <br />
    .Insane Clown Posse <br />
    -I'm in college, studying web page multimedia and animation <br />
    -No, I do not accept random friends request. <br />
    -I like anime, photography, Listening to music, and being alone. <br />
    -I'm for homosexuals, all the way. C: <br />
    -Judge me for my music taste, I don't care. People who judge are retarded. Dx <br />
    -I love my Sansa Fuze. <br />
    -I love my lovable boyfriend. <br />
    -I hate discriminators. <br />
    -Come talk to me, I don't bite. C:
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