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  • Artist Info: Well, Im on the computer every hour that I can be, accept early in the morning and while im at school, My step-side of my family rocks, no questions asked. I Obey Foamy the squirrel, I go to the church of foamy. I adore roleplaying anything but realistic things, unless it involves Dir En Grey, I will always roleplay a pairing involving them, and im always looking *nod nod*<br />
    Anyway:<br />
    <===== This gorgeous-ness over here, in the backround, he is my guilty pleasure, if you say anything about Kyo-san, or call him cute, I will have him vomit fake blood on you, and nobody but his fangirls want that xD<br />
    <br />
    Name: Warumono >:3<br />
    Age: None of your freaking buisness.<br />
    Location: Once again, none of your freaking buisness.<br />
    hair: Black, with a stripe of blonde along the side of my bangs that was an accident.<br />
    eyes: Brown.<br />
    Glasses?: Yep.<br />
    Most played songs on your Ipod: Yokan and The Final by Dir en Grey.<br />
    Manga: Dont read manga, too expensive. xD<br />
    Anime: Magical Do-Re-Mi (shut up im reminiscing DX)<br />
    What your waiting for: To order the new Ongaku No Hito Magazine xD
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