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  • Artist Info: こんにちは、歓迎!〜.<br />
    Welcome to my profile,I am Valiant shizuru!~ <br />
    I am a tomboyish anime/video crazed girl who loves to cosplay no matter what the consequence. I have a gallery of cosplays I love to dress up my avatar as such as other characters that are from my favorite mangas, Animes and video games.<br />
    *Black Butler *kingdom hearts *devil may cry series *final fantasy *Zelda : twilight princess <br />
    *Pokemon (black, platnium, white,& green)<br />
    *Left for dead Or many people from gaia events.<br />
    There are many people I'd like to cosplay as in reality from these animes and games such as miko from vocaloid, sebastian, joker/drocell & grel from Black Butler, Hunter from L4D(left 4 dead 1&2),sora or roxas from kh2(kingdom hearts 2)), and trainer white from pokemon. <br />
    In reality I am a blonde haired person with blue eyes and I'm sixteen. As you can see above of what my interests are. Ilike to draw oc's for friends and myself along with reading fantasy , horror, sci fi books. I watch many horror films even if few are cheesey ones. <br />
    So now that you must be tired out from reading I bid you all farewell.
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