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    Hello my name is Melissa i am a 14 year old girl :}<br />
    i really like playing gaia watching anime and stuff<br />
    i'm really good at drawing but please don't ask me to do an avi art for you cause i really don't have a table =T <br />
    mine got screwed up SUCKS <br />
    hmmm what else oh right my favorite anime is detective conan, my favorite song is that one on my multimedia, i like playing around in ZOMG! sometimes so if u want to like play with me there then just ask me. <br />
    I live in Puerto Rico, carolina i can speak Spanish and English and i guess a lil bit of Japanese i guess ' 3 'nah not really i wish XD <br />
    My favorite movie is Scott Pilgrim vs the world AMAZING movie i like more movies but the one that came to mind is that one. XD <br />
    I just love playing around with my friends or go to som anime conventions or something my favorite voice anime actor is the guy that makes the voice of cowboy bebop you know spike on english dub sigh' i miss that show it was really amazing oh and one of my favorie anime couple is Ayusawa Misaki and Usui Takumi from kaichiwo wa maid sama soooooo cute > W < my dream is being able to visit Japan at least for a week that would awesome <br />
    hmm what else o this is for som people please do not send me any random friend request if u want to be my friend then talk to me let me get to know you ok and do not send me any links cause i don't want to like click something that i don't know and bang i'm hacked XP idk but i bet that this happens to most ppl oh and i'm not really good at spelling in English kinda bad at it > , < <br />
    hmmm i guess that's all i can say for now that's all > w <<br />
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