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  • Artist Info: So I'm not gonna tell you my real name unless your one of my close friends. I'm Christian . Got a prob with it? Deal with it. I'm a mega-ultra zelda fan!!! My favorite video games are OoT, WW, TP, Pokemon Crystal, Guitar Hero: World Tour, Mario Kart Wii, Ballon Kid, Sonic Adventure Battle 2, and Super Mario Sunshine. I do read manga, but my personal faves are Ultra Maniac and The OoT Manga. Im an obsessive writer/drawer and i like to write a lot of storys based of of video games. I spend way too much time on facebook and gaia. I dont bite, but if you get on my bad side, expect the worst. Im NOT a girly-girl and i hate aberzombies. I strongly dislike twilight. I'm not agenst vampires, however. Infact, I like vampires and I r.p. as a vampire a lot of the time, I just do NOT like twilight. AT ALL. But I still like vampies I also play flute, piano, and guitar. I'm obsessed with narwhals and if I could, I would adopt one &lt;3. There are several boys I would love to marry, all but one are real. Jared Ewald(real!), Link, Dustfinger, Fang, Percy Jackson, and Kirby. (YES KIRBY) There are also tons of people on my Hate List. here's a few: Tiffinay-nay, Dalton, Maddy, and Leah. (big red flames around Leah, the girl who stole my boyfriend aka Dalton) My favorite books are Maximum Ride, Inkheart, Ultra Maniac, OoT Manga, and Percy Jackson. ASK ME TO ROLE PLAY I LOVE IT! L-O-V-E- TO ROLE PLAY!!! OBSESSIVE ROLE PLAYER HERE! PICK ME! PICK ME! k so ily all! anything else? ask me!<br />
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