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  • Artist Info: Borage Leaves: increase supply of milk and brings down fever <br />
    Burdock Root: cures infection <br />
    Catmint(catnip): best for greencough <br />
    Chervil[leaves]: heals infeted wounds [root]: cures bellyache <br />
    Cobweb: stops bleeding <br />
    Coltsfoot: helps shortness of breath<br />
    Comfrey: used to soothe wounds and mend broken bones<br />
    Dock: used to soothe scratches<br />
    Dried Oak Leaf: stops infection<br />
    Feverfew: used to cool down body temperature<br />
    Goldenrod: terrific for healing wounds<br />
    Honey: great for soothing throats<br />
    Horsetail: usually used as a poultice<br />
    Juniper Berries: soothes bellyache and helps with breathing<br />
    Lavender: cures fever<br />
    Marigold: stops infection<br />
    Mouse Bile: used to get ticks off<br />
    Poppy Seed: Soothes cats in shock or in distress<br />
    Stinging Nettle [seeds]: if a cat swallowed poison [leaves]: applied to wound to bring it down to swelling<br />
    Tansy: good for curing coughs<br />
    Thyme: to calm anxiety and frayed nerves<br />
    Watermint: used for cats suffering bellyache<br />
    Wild Garlic: prevents infection<br />
    Yarrow: used to expel poison<br />
    Deathberries: very deadly (hence the name Deathberries) to kits and elders, and poisonous to all cats.<br />
    <br />
    <br />
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