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  • Artist Info: Hiya~! I'm Kuro, Skye, or Miku. Whichever smile <br />
    I like to draw and am learning graphic art<br />
    Je suis une Canadienne, donc je suis bilingue! (I am a canadian, so i am bilingual!)<br />
    heart Doctor Who, BBC's Sherlock, and ONE PIECE!!!!!!<br />
    I Spend most of my time going on Zomg, drawing, reading.... homework (damn school)<br />
    Definite music addict. if you guys know any good songs, send me a pm and maybe i'll add it on my playlist XD<br />
    <br />
    and..... that's it.<br />
    Now, why are you reading this? There's nothing else to say.<br />
    .... Go satisfy your curiosity elsewhere XP<br />
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