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  • Artist Info: I am very loyal to Itachi Uchiha. He is my idol and hero. Basicly that tell pretty much alot about me... Well roses are my favorite flower. I like them because they are beautiful yet their thorns are sharp and peirce. I love pics of fallen angels. (send me some of you find them! k) Make sure u tell me anything that sucks about me or my profile!! Enought about me here is all i know about Itachi Uchiha: <br />
    <br />
    He was a praised student a genuis(to me he was like shikamaru to plan this all out in his years) Most would say Itachi Uchiha was a currupt child due to all the deaths he had seen also that no one understood him. He graduated the ninja academy at 7 and passed chunin exams at 10. He became ANBU captain at 13. Sasuke was the real currupt one his father neglected him to praise itachi... Itachi loved his little brother till his death. To me he had to make Sasuke hate him to get sasuke to kill him so he could get rid of orochimaru which was inside sasukeand to get rid of the grief that enveloped him because of his clan. He never tried to take sasuke's eyes he tried to give him his... Itachi was a double agent he killed his fellow Uchiha to protect the village... Itachi had a lover i do not know her name..but he also killed her for his little brother (when i learned this it made me cry). He pleaded to the third hokage and Danzo to keep sasuke safe then returned to his original plan. Itachi didnt join the Akatsuki to get the nine-tailed beast he did it to keep an eyee on them to see whether they would turn against the village. Itachi was a actor he acted like he hated sasuke though he loves him. There is more but um this is getting kind of um long. He had the Mangeky┼Ź Sharingan which incresed his power which was already great. Well he had more powers but in conclusion.... I LOVE U ITACHI!!!!
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