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    Nick name is kitty =^_^= Hello there. My name is Mistly Nights. For thoes of life, My name is Kyla. I love everything old and modern aged. As you may be bale to tell. A little about me I'm 17 years old, My birthday is Febuary 2nd 1993. I Sing Very well and have been requested to sing for many events such as our National Athem. I've Tryed out for american Idol but was Under aged so I was Declined. . I soon to try out again. I also play Piano and I am a very fast learner. I can mostly play by Ear, So what I've hear I can Play what ever I hear. Dream avatarsI can make you a Dream avatar of any kind of style you like and gaurentee you'll like it. I some time on special occasions make anime and avatar art for otheres but i pay a high price of 50k- 100k, Price ranges can be negotiated. Like to know anythign else about me just Pm me. Drawl Avatar art Want Your Avatar drawln? then Click HERE! <br />
    Best friend in real life The Piano God ( Sebastain) =^_^=<br />
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