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  • Artist Info: Hello, my names Emily. ^ w ^ <br />
    Im 17 and I live in Canada.<br />
    I was born on the 25th of March.<br />
    I am now single. <br />
    And I plan to be for a long time.<br />
    My favorite colors are purple, aqua and green.<br />
    Im very shy.<br />
    I now work at subway, (They give me free food) :3<br />
    I live with my aunt and my cousin.<br />
    I do have a fb account for gaia, and i do have msn. <br />
    If you want to add me just pm me. <br />
    If you have any question's feel free to pm me. <br />
    Well i guess thats enough for you too know about me. <br />
    Adios. And keep in touch ♥
    <br />
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