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  • Artist Info: i love <br />
    drawing<br />
    running<br />
    playing the guitar<br />
    checking out hot guys<br />
    yaoi<br />
    manga (but not usually drawing in that style)<br />
    friends<br />
    devaintart<br />
    and summer. it goes like least favourite to favourite fall-winter cross (if winter doesn't have any snow, not worth it. November is my most hated month) then spring then summer. Good thing its spring now. I dressed so depressing in winter, now I'm actually getting some colours in my wardrobe, like I knew I would!<br />
    I'm like curremtly an insomniac and my dad's turning into a total sleep nazi because sometimes I kinda wake up the whole house. Can't wait till I go to university, it will be all staying up late and sleeping pills for me (^_^ I'll be old enough to screw up my body by then)<br />
    I'm going to soooo move to Vancouver when I graduate! Vancouver on the times I've visited just seems so full of life and stories that I want to know.<br />
    Math sucks.
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