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  • Artist Info: Heey my name is Deedaw111 wink <br />
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    I am a happy go lucky kinda girl, well most of the time. I love listening to music and playing music too. Guitar is what im best at. My favourite colours are blue, lime green, pink and purple. I loooveee animals with all my heart! I have 1 dog. I trained her myself and she is the greatest gift i have ever gotton. I also ride horses. I enjoy that alot! The horse i ride is named Cruiser, sometimes he is lazy but most of time he listens when i ride him. I ride every saturday. Someday i wish to own a barn with horses and even some dogs. Although i love horses... they are not just my favourite animals. I love wolves too. Anyway more about me. My favourite place to be is... the theaters! I love movies. My top favourite movies are Avatar, The Crazies, Up and Marley And Me. My favourite tv shows are, South park, The simpsons, Family guy and Heartland. I have lots of talents but my one talent that stands out is drawing. I have been drawing for a long time. Each time i draw i see an improvment. Sometimes i paint, but usually i draw sketches. Anyway.. PEACE out ppls ☮<br />
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    Thanks for visiting my profile smile <br />
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    Deedaw❤ ♡ ❤ ღ
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