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  • Artist Info: Hello there! &gt;;D<br />
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    My name is Alaiza and iam 19 years old.<br />
    I am a very nice person once u get to know me.....i can sometimes be random and also perverted sooo dont freak out with me. <br />
    Things u have to know about me is that i am such a anime freak and a gamergirl.<br />
    Things i do for fun is draw, make plushies and also like to bake yum_cupcake <br />
    I love lising to rock music or anything that has a good beat to it =) also j-rock~<br />
    Sooo i think that is all i have to say........... Oh and ENJOY MY PROFILE XD<br />
    <br />
    My friend sarah drew this pic of our friends that we hangout with after school, this is how were gonna dress up for the anime con XD (from left to right its zander, sarah, victor, ellie, meh alaiza X3 and amado)
    <br />
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