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  • Artist Info: ✿ Greetings, I'm Elphaeme. My name is derived from Scottish and Northern British folklore. The name ''Queen of Elphame'', means ''Queen of Fairyland''. It is unknown when she appeared in history or legends for the first time, but she was mentioned in several old folk stories and also in documents of witch trials.<br />
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    ✿ In my spare time I read, exercise/swim, meditate, tend to my garden, cook/bake, harvest & dry flowers/herbs for cooking & tea, floral arranging, play video games, or spend time with my fur children.<br />
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    ✿ I am absolutely obsessed with flowers, tea & faeries<br />
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    ✿ Feel Free to leave a comment, or to view comments. Otherwise, have a lovely day ✿<br />
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