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  • Artist Info: Photographer. Cinematographer. Writer. Cook. Student. These are just a few of the things that Kuragari-san is known as. Another name is art geek, but he dislike that one. <br />
    Kuragari-san (you could also call him Kur, Kur-san or Tim... he doesn't really care), enjoys writing, photography, writing, cooking, reading, hanging out with friends, Nikon products, Apple products, the internet, drawing (though he says he's horrible at it), filming, pretty much any art related thing, video games (in moderation), food and pretty girls. razz <br />
    He dislikes boring days, Dell and HP computers, asparagus, boring people and mean people.<br />
    For some weird, possibly sociological or sub-concious, reason he likes filling out "About Me" boxes in the third person. Probably because it allows for a more comedic approach to writing about himself. That and if he wrote it in the first person like 'normal' people do he would probably pull a Kakashi. "I'm Kuragari-san. Things I like and things I hate...I don't feel like telling you that. My dreams for the future...never really thought about it. As for my hobbies...I have lots of hobbies." That would make for a really boring "About Me"... and it might tick off a few people and cause sweat drops from most readers...<br />
    <br />
    If you believe in Jesus Christ put this in your profile. Don't just ignore this, because in The Bible it says if you deny Him, He will deny you in front of His Father at the Gates of Heaven. This is the simplest test: If you love God and you're not ashamed of it, copy this and put it in your profile.
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