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  • Artist Info: Im one of those girls who like to stand out i like what i like i make moives i make neckleces and braceslits and i like hanging with my friends i like to write and read and sing and dance so add me,i love anmales big small fat skinny any kind i love vampires wolfs and standing out <br />
    my hair:brown<br />
    my eyes:brown<br />
    fav color(s):Black,blood red,dark pink<br />
    my fav game bored:Chess<br />
    my fav thing to do:write and read and play with my dog,hang with friends play gaia =P just be me<br />
    im 14 now soon to be 15 i born in Dec.<br />
    i want to be an actor or a singer i write some songs too so ask and i might make 1 for u have a horrer filled day<br />
    and i wrote this about darren from cirque du freak<br />
    i miss your blue eyes but even though i miss you 5 words that you said to me calm me down and they r :I'm in love with you hunny.<br />
    like it? =P have a horror filled day
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