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  • Artist Info: luv making people laugh, and helping each other out. but the most part of me is i like to have fun! and be competitive. mrgreen half of me is pure laziness. that for sure. <br />
    <br />
    make sure u don't piss me off<br />
    thing i hate<br />
    bad word<br />
    show off<br />
    slaming( repeating the same thing)<br />
    being mean<br />
    greedy<br />
    slut<br />
    THING I LIKE<br />
    present(oh and if u gonna buy me a present on b-day,any stuff is fine)as long it from u that all that matter. )<br />
    b-day<br />
    fun<br />
    joke<br />
    p.s<br />
    fine being nakade only if it for the achievement. if it something else,then u got a big problem little missy or should i say sir. mad <br />
    <br />
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