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  • Artist Info: Hello! biggrin <br />
    Currently, my favorite thing right now is Ross Campbell: & WET MOON. The graphic novel/indie-comic is amazing and Ross is an awsome artist. I'm on the 4th volume right now and i'm definately reading his other stuff, plus his gallery on DeviantArt^^<br />
    i like to draw, illustrate, paint(watercolor)....anime/manga mostly....<br />
    and my hobbies are reading my friends' stories/novels whee <br />
    3nodding <br />
    On anime i like most; that aren't boring or otherwise pointless. My favorite tv shows are: Supernatural, Misfits, Being Human.....yeah....and uhmmm.....some, other stuff.... xd <br />
    I like horror genre and action movie adventure, sometime, documentaries, most of the time(when its interesting, of course^^...and on tv....), and 'love stuffs' crying is "BLEH!!" xp <br />
    I like rock music and like genres. I like tooo many bands i.e. the music! lol<br />
    but to put it, stuff an' bands like 'STONE TEMPLE PILOTS' heart
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