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  • Artist Info: Name: [not important]<br />
    Gender: Male<br />
    Sexuality: Straight<br />
    Age:19<br />
    Height:5'10"<br />
    Weight: 156lbs<br />
    Religion: Morman<br />
    Interests: Anime, Manga, History, Mythology, Art, Video Games, Computers<br />
    Fun Facts: I have never had tobacco products, illegal drugs or alcohol. I am single to this day, I have locked my self inside a retractable coach, I have thrown my brother though a window twice.<br />
    History: I have lived in KS, MD, and CA (that i can remember) most of my life was in KS in a small town i have had anger problems in the past they they passed when i entered my own world and exiled myself from everyone, and slowly I am leaving the comfort zone that I created<br />
    <br />
    [updated every now and again]
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