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  • Artist Info: Name: Emily =D<br />
    Age: 15 <br />
    Favorite Shows/Animes: Higurashi/Umineko No Naku Koro Ni, Death Note.<br />
    Favorite Music Types: Pretty much everything, except country...I don't like it that much XP<br />
    <br />
    About Me: So, I'm kind of a freak. I won't lie or hide it. And I can be pretty much creepy with certain subjects ._. <br />
    So, anyway, people in the past saw my dramatic change in style, and took my shyness as a depression, so many people now call me gothic and/or emo. Yes, I've cut myself before, but never enough to bleed, or even really scar. I just did it to see how weird it would feel. Therefore, I'm NOT emo =D<br />
    I won't put up with any shit people throw me after awhile. If you seem nice at first, then start acting kinda hateful, I won't be a complete bitch back to you. If you start off completely asshole like or just attack me out of no where, I will bite back. And I bite hard ^_~ haha<br />
    Any who...talk to me! I'll be nice with you as long as you're nice to me~ ^o^
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