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  • Artist Info: Wow it's about time I revamped this. First off, Hi! My name is Camille. Afew things about me? Hm... as a teenager I'm still trying to figure myself out. I may seem shy on the outside but once you really get to know me and my big mouth I'm kind of a crazy person. Lately over the year, I've been becoming more shy. I've got to fix that! What else... I love theater and singing. I think I am a stronger singer that actor, but both are very fun. Here's some of my background:<br />
    Past Productions:<br />
    Oliver! -Orphan/poor chorus<br />
    Wind In The Willows-A Stoat<br />
    Cinderella- Regina (new role written in. A princess desperate to win the prince's heart. And I MEAN desperate! My favorite role so far.)<br />
    Robinhood-Annabelle (Maid Marian's lady in waiting)<br />
    Les Mierables-Lovely Lady(prostitute XD )/Beggar/chorus<br />
    A midsummernight's Dream razz eter Quince<br />
    Jeykll and Hyde-Chorus: Poor Flower Girl/Maid/Nurse (I had lotsa walk on fun in this one. x3)<br />
    And I've done lots of voice competition stuff and performances. And this year I'll be going into my High School's top audition-choir. Woot!<br />
    And more to come. Currently I'm taking voice lessons.<br />
    Music. Is. My. LIFE. <br />
    Through listening, or seeing or singing or feeling. I take it in every day. It's simply the best way to express feeling to me.&lt;3<br />
    OH!! You really know, my favorite band ever is TOKIO HOTEL! x3 <br />
    Haters can go away and go insult some other shit. Kay Thnx. &lt;3<br />
    If theater bores you, I'm also a silly dork who loves bright colors, puppies and kittens and cute girly stuff. (ha ha) <br />
    I'm also a anime fan.<br />
    Feel free to friend request me, but make sure to talk. I would love to meet you. I don't bite.<br />
    Thanks for visiting my profile!<br />
    <br />
    User Image<br />
    <br />
    ^This pic was drawn by my good friend,Kat ( chimerademonninja). She rox my sox! lol<br />
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