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  • Artist Info: I've been on this site for about three years now. I've been hooked since. I dunno what it is but I keep coming back. I've had several accounts since my newbie days and have met some pretty awesome people. I mostly get on this site now when bored. Other then that I'm usually on Facebook or roaming the internet. Onto about myself... I'm a pretty laid back guy. I tend to do stupid things but it's the cycle of life. I enjoy all types of music. I play video games. I'm just your typical teenage dude. I'm somewhat friendly. It just depends on how you've treated me. I have a Skype. If you want it just ask. I also have accounts on Tumblr, YouTube, Steam, and Xbox Live. If you want those just ask as well. I enjoy a little anonymity so I try not to give out too much details. Well, that's about it. All I can say now is to get to know me. I can be rather interesting.<br />
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