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    OC BIO<br />
    Name: ~Irl: Rhy ~ Nickname: Pew, Rhychu. Rhyrhy. Raccoon, Fox<br />
    Age: Old Enough :3<br />
    Birthday: February 26<br />
    Loves: Salads, Ramen, Fruit, Mac n' cheese, Pizza CANDY >.<<br />
    Hates: Anything coming from an animal, Im vegetarian, Chocolate, PENGUINS, AND FOOTBALLS ._. They scary man ; ~ ;<br />
    Race: White. <br />
    Power: I dont know n_n Lol. I Cheer people up i guess<br />
    Favorite subject: LUNCH xDJk, Science 8D . =w= And Art :3<br />
    Least favorite subject: Everything else... ._.<br />
    Grades: My Report card spells ABABAB XD <br />
    Appearance: Ginger hair, (Dyes it alot) Hazel Eyes (turn green or blue), Chubby cheeks, Hourglass body :3 <br />
    Story of me:<br />
    Rhy is a shy nice her that loves the color teal and loves to draw. French and British. Very strong British accent. Speaks French and English..She plays violin and she loves her bestest friends. She hates ignorers, Rude people, Haters, Scene kid haters and therefore, She thinks that everybody is human and we should all get along >.< She weighs at around 140 and is barely 5 feet high, Yes very short =w= Loves dubstep, Jrock, Jpop, Every kind of Metal And Classic rock c: She is very scared of butterflies, Penguins and many many things xDD Is very retarded and random and silly and adorable ^ w ^ <br />
    <br />
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