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  • Artist Info: No, I didn;t fall off the face of the earth, I was busy being a good student (for once) and so I have very little time to go on the internet, which is a shame really. I know that my friends very rarely look for me, but I still enjoy coming on, and i can't wait for my free time to kick in, becuase i've been itching for a good rp. so if you have the urge, just send me a message and i'll try to catch up with you. I promise.<br />
    From: So Cal<br />
    Aspiration: Teacher (English or history)/ Free lance writer/ Anime voice actor.<br />
    Age: born 1990<br />
    Music: Goth, Rock, Trance, Industrial, J-Pop, Metal, Country, Rap, R&B.<br />
    Fav dish: Pizza over white rice, under udon noodles with a side of curry chicken katsu<br />
    Anime: Anything from Ken Kutaragi, Chobits, Bleach, Deathnote, God Child.<br />
    Game: Guitar Hero, DDR Supernova, Disgaea.<br />
    MMORPG: Fly for fun<br />
    Friends: Anyone who doesn't annoy me. <br />
    Saying: Omnis res medie, praeter amor, ya know?
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