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  • Artist Info: okay I can write this *Sits looking at the screen*<br />
    No, you can't stupid! <br />
    YES I CAN!!!! *Shuts laptop* *angrily* <br />
    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br />
    OK Yay for weird Intros biggrin Um, I'm a writer, and poet heart and a vegetarian! Yes, I'm okay with you meat eaters ( my family are carnivores) and I talk to myself. <br />
    Sometimes ok Sometimes Alot. I'm guess i can be called dark but i LOVE black and blue,purple, red(the color of blood plz) You get ok I like "Dark" colors. I have some weird obession with vampires (hm, NOT twilight) No, More like queen of the damn or some thing. I luv music its my life I play the violin (want to learn guitar) And Im 13 GASP!! ok . . . . I love rock,metal,and screamo It mostly what plays on my ipod i do like indie a little bit. so .... BYE I know it sad sad I'll Miss you to bye sweatdrop And nice to meet you ^_^
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