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    Hello My name is Joanne, I am 13 year old girl that luvs sweet food, candies, scary animals, animes, manga and more. I'm Proud to be a filipino. I'm Good at video games hiding and fake crying. Sometimes I am not mature ( most of the times xD) so beware >:3. I join gaia since March 2007, I keep changing my accs because well.. I guess i luv changing username a lot. Here some of the username i had before. YourDarknessAngel, xSakuraHaruno, xXx_Joanne_xXx, Im yur fawking angel, iWuffleYewx3, xBaka-Chand and x- n e z i i. I know right? a lot xD?<br />
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    Youtube Channel Click it - - - - - - - > Appealings
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