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    Hm, vere to start?! Oh, I know. Mien name!! I'm called Desya! Desya Krupin! A pleasure to meet you!! I'm a Master in the Grey Rose. Of the Russian part!! If only mien parents could see me now. Sadly, mien fazer is still missing, and mien mozer... I've never known her. Mostly because Mozer said Fazer should raise me. It's so difficult being a half demon. Zat's right. I'm a half demon! Ice demon! Mien ozer half, Led, isn't as nice as I am. And, no, I'm not gay. Just because mien eyes are pink, and I vear pink all ze time! No, you vant gay? You must meet Jacquot... He's got a fetish for Russians... I can't get avay from him!! But, mien best friend is Cappe. Or... Valentino... Capperellio! (No, I've never spelled his name right. Ever!) Vell, I like drinking, and all of zat great stuff, but, being a half demon, I built up an immunity to liquor. I can't get drunk. So, make all the ice puns you vant, I'm used to zem. From both Cappe, and mien desceased master, Master Alton. He vas mean. I didn't like him... Vell, I did, but, I didn't... It's funny... It's veird. Da, I think zat is all I have to say.
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