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  • Artist Info: rIGHT WELL<br />
    This website has inflated more and more every time I decide to log into it.<br />
    POS>> I am terribly sorry to those who are just starting on this game. <br />
    My most recent updates and my peak at this game was in 2012.<br />
    I am now 17 with much bigger things to tend to, like MOBAs or RPGS.<br />
    Or running blogs on tumblr :_:.<br />
    I'm writing this to those who might see what i'm up to.<br />
    Most of those people do have my outside contact information. But for those who dont: <br />
    Twitter: @Ketitbee<br />
    League of Legends IGN: Kt Daboo // Chesyc // hi its kt < -- all NA<br />
    Tumblr accounts (most reliable to contact me) --> Kt-ash-ley.tumblr.com // lust-cena.tumblr.com<br />
    <br />
    Why I stopped playing gaia prior site inflation: <br />
    Well, mainly school, and I began to play PC gaming that required a better computer // better time management that required larger goals than begging for donations in the forums or purchasing large amounts of art ( which I've done ). I've also been super busy with school as when I started this game I was inching towards my freshman? year in highschool, or possibly even my last year in middle. I'm now well on my way to senior year, and planning to take college courses on top of a hopefully reduced HS course load, if not full.<br />
    <br />
    Why I came back to Gaia:<br />
    I came back around a year ago, just after the inflation hit, meaning I could sell cheaper items as I pleased and received the kind of money I wish I had back in 2012 when I was a super active member (which ended as soon as meebo left).<br />
    Now, even though the high rolling numbers I have on this account looks insane and rich, it's honestly just the old middle class, which truely upsets me. I wanted to see what changed and see if anybody noticed I was gone-- many did, in which I replied to, gave my twitter etc to, or whatever.<br />
    <br />
    Why I stayed away until now: INFLATION.<br />
    It is now 3 am EST, i came on to look at my profile, which while is very pretty and customize-able and brought back some amazing joy that I had with my Gaia friends, I figure it is not worth to continue with this website any longer.<br />
    Yes, I owe it to this website, I met some people on here that I am still friends with today- I should say they are my first true online friends that I trust with my personal information, these friends also quit gaia, and moved on to other games along with me, in which we dominate in our own ways :^).<br />
    In addition to this, I also owe this website to getting me into digital art (Which I have come decent at editing pictures, not so much creating my own art, as I can now only do that on paper, especially realistically). This website created my passion in art (which I am sadly not carrying on in college, but was literally 3/4s of my HS career).<br />
    <br />
    This about me is very long and rambely. But I felt it was necessary to tell all of you where I have been and where I will be from now on.<br />
    If you need me the contacts are well above, and I hope that all of you, old friends, hellbonds, etc that are still playing are making it well in the wealthy world :^).<br />
    Enjoy your stay on gaiaonline, and don't meme yourself out too hard.<br />
    <br />
    PEace.<br />
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