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    A young aspiring artist joined the world of gaia in 2006 and actively partook in light role play threads for a year, building simple friendships and going about day to day in carefree content. After a year, the girl said her heartfelt goodbyes and packed the few belongings she had, departing from gaia in pursuit of a 4 year long pilgrimage towards artistic enlightenment. After completing her quest, she returned to Gaia only to find that so much had changed. Determined to start anew, she renamed herself Rabbit Gear and reacquainted herself with her old stomping grounds. <br />
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    Rabbit scraped by in Gaia doing avi art and desperately clinging to the art arenas. After having enough of the isolation and lack of camaraderie in Gaia's art distact, Rabbit ventured to barely familiar territory. She vaguely recalled the rallies from the past when they were new and decided to give it a try. Soon enough, she became addicted to street racing the thralls of strangers that crowded the rallies every evening. One night, she crossed paths with a group of racers from various guilds, defeated and dazzled by their skills. Determined to achieve similar ability, she joined the Rally Knights and quickly found herself in the bottom ranks. However, though the guidance of fellow racers along with relentless practice, she too became a streamlined force of speed like her peers.<br />
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    Nearly abandoning her art life in Gaia totally, Rabbit can be found in Rallies as a stray racer and always looking for a challenge.
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