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    A lady dressed in the purest of white,<br />
    Violet eyes glowing with inner light,<br />
    Many a man captivated by her sight,<br />
    But the best beware her vicious bite. ~By Alex Eternal
    <br />
    I am very protective of the people I care about. Even my friends on here.<br />
    I have many nicknames, but you can call me Velvela. It's Latin for "female wolf."<br />
    I won't tell you everything about me unless I really get to know you.<br />
    I'm randomly around Gaia. My best friend and I are the owners of ✿ A Dainty Café which is an all girls guild for girls to get together.<br />
    I get hyper VERY easily.<br />
    My close friends and family are the most important people to me. I don't know where I would be without them.<br />
    I love making people laugh.<br />
    I make wishes on 11:11.<br />
    I've been in love, but had my heart broken...<br />
    I've had my back stabbed more times then you.<br />
    I'm a dancer, I've been doing ballroom dancing since 4th grade.<br />
    Music is a big thing in my life. Without music who knows where I would be, probably locked away in a padded room.<br />
    People love to talk bad about me but it shows I'm doing something right.<br />
    Some might call me "fake" or "uncool" because I listen to just about anything and I always dress mature.<br />
    Hate rap except those like Eminem and Beastie Boys. I also like a bit of country.<br />
    I'm a big animal lover, I hate to see any kind of animal hurt. My favorite animal is wolves ♥(Yes I'm obsessed with them. No I'm not part of the fan craze that makes us people look bad).<br />
    The rain is the greatest thing ever plus thunderstorms even though I get scared a bit by them. I love how beautiful the sky looks after it storms. Rainbows are beautiful and brighten my day.<br />
    My favorite colors are Pink and Purple. I also like Black.<br />
    I'm not a morning person at all, but I love being outside. I like staying up late and snuggle in a blanket.<br />
    One day I hope to travel, I love traveling.<br />
    My future career is to major in Photography and Digital Art. I'm not a professional but I've always had a feeling that I can push myself to achieve it. I don't want to hear "that isn't a good paying job," if you tell me this I will ignore you.<br />
    I'm a tomboy. I'm the type of girl that will wear a bikini top and board shorts. I don't mind getting dirty, I would actually jump in a mud puddle.<br />
    I love steam-punk and victorian things.<br />
    Roses, Hibiscuses, and Cherry Blossoms are my favorite flowers.<br />
    I can be very friendly, but get on my bad side and you're done. You'll either love me or hate me. I have a lot of enemies, love them all. Without them I wouldn't be this strong person before you.<br />
    I love meeting new people, but I'm very cautious. I've had people who I though were "true friends" stab me in the back more hard than you can imagine.<br />
    I'm a HUGE dork. I'm an anime/manga/video game nerd. I grew up on the super nintendo. If you agree we'll get along a lot!<br />
    I love Nancy Drew, I have all the games!<br />
    I love coffee, sushi, tea and especially chocolate♥<br />
    It's warming to go up to strangers and make their day.<br />
    I could care less what people think about me.<br />
    I can usually be found making a fool of myself with my friends.<br />
    I hate being normal.<br />
    Italian, in my opinion, is the sexiest language EVER.<br />
    My biggest fear is clowns I HATE those motherf*****s......<br />
    I love bubble baths.<br />
    I like to dress up and take pictures for no reason at all.<br />
    I have very few close friends, but hey I like it that way.<br />
    I don't trust people easily, by now you know why.<br />
    I say "meep" and "weeeeee." A LOT.<br />
    I like to pounce, walk, jump, explore, etc. Anything thing else that deals with being outside.<br />
    I'm a very random person.<br />
    I'm quiet around people I don't know, but I'll open up.<br />
    I end up making a fool of myself in front of a lot of people.<br />
    A lot of things make me giggle.<br />
    If it's soft, sparkly, pink, rainbow, has skulls on it, or blinks, I'm amused as hell by it.<br />
    I collect quotes.<br />
    I love to read.<br />
    I love to draw.<br />
    I'm a pretty laid back person.<br />
    I don't drink.<br />
    I hate people who think drugs are cool. Period.<br />
    I myself don't do drugs. Nor will I ever do them.<br />
    Dislikes? Now that would cause problems wouldn't it. I will say though I hate whatever I think is not legitimate to me and I hate humanity.<br />
    Want to know more?? Just ask!<br />
    ***I don't take bullsh*t. Period. If you "hate" me for my opinions, who I am as a human, and/or for liking someone who you "hate" then flake off! If anything interests you talk to me! I'm open to start a conversation, just talk to me first before you add me. I dont accept random friend requests. Why would you add me if you haven't talked to me first??
    <br />
    gaia_crown My Quest! gaia_crown <br />
    ~Dream Avatars~<br />
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