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    yum_strawberry Hello! My name is Suki,I'm the first born of two twin pandas,and the better tempered too. I'm new here-obviously-and I was hoping to make some new friends! I like video games, reading, art, the beach, surfing and boats! I do a lot of fishing and camping during the warmer months and have lived in several different states in the US!<br />
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    yum_strawberry Both my sister and I are females and due to the twin process we are identical! I'm the nerdy one. Though that dont bother me! I'll put a list of my most liked things so maybe a conversation could be started with similar likes! Starting with;<br />
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    yum_strawberry Most liked color = Scarlet<br />
    yum_strawberry Most liked animal = Starfish<br />
    yum_strawberry Most liked food = NACHOS!<br />
    yum_strawberry Most liked book = Tough choice,but maybe Zel?<br />
    yum_strawberry Most liked video game = Dark Cloud<br />
    yum_strawberry Most liked addiction = Roleplay<br />
    yum_strawberry Most liked T.V. show = NCIS<br />
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    yum_strawberry I hope I can find a few new friends here!
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