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    HIIII <(=^-^=)> <br />
    I AM WHO I AM and NO ONE can change that.<br />
    Don't ever threaten to kick me because I will leave right then and there. The way I act depends on who surrounds me but no matter who I'm with, I'm shy redface . I love to draw and read so if you have any books that you like...refer some to me. I can't tell you my age because...I don't want to, and don't ask cuz I won't tell(unless I like you or I know you in real life)....I have been told that I am weird by ALOT of people...i dont know why though...Isn't it natural to stalk walk someone to class?? I am open and i love new ideas, whenever you want to talk about nothing, just come to me and we will talk about everything. Um....like everyone else i have my likes and dislike...i like alot and I do not dislike alot, and whatever I don't like you will come to find out when you know me better...
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