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  • Artist Info: I like ramen.<br />
    I like cheese.<br />
    I like puppies.<br />
    I like kittens.<br />
    I like singing--but I'm horrible.<br />
    I like talking in a really squeaky voice--but it gets annoying.<br />
    I like writing stories--but I never get any where with them.<br />
    I like drawing.<br />
    I like reading.<br />
    I like watching tv.<br />
    I like my religion.<br />
    I like the bible.<br />
    I like my friends.<br />
    I like my family.<br />
    I like chocolate.<br />
    I like steak.<br />
    I like watermelons.<br />
    I like cheetos.<br />
    I like school--...sorta....<br />
    I like drawing other people's avi.<br />
    I like it when I'm paid a lot for drawing people's avis.<br />
    I like Transformers.<br />
    I like Transformers 2.<br />
    I like GI Joe.<br />
    I like The Dark Knight.<br />
    I like Iron Man.<br />
    I like Taken.<br />
    I like Avatar; The Last Airbender.<br />
    I like anime.<br />
    I like manga.<br />
    I like manhwa.<br />
    I like The Scorpian House.<br />
    I like My Sister's Keeper--but only the book.<br />
    I like The Book Thief.<br />
    I like The Host.<br />
    I like The Twelve Kingdoms.<br />
    I like FullMetal Alchemist.<br />
    I like FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.<br />
    I like flying squirrels.<br />
    I like TVXQ.<br />
    I like Big Bang.<br />
    I like Super Junior's Sorry Sorry song.<br />
    I like Rain/Ji Hoon Jung.<br />
    <br />
    I don't like the Twilight series.<br />
    I don't like tofu.<br />
    I don't like my allergies.<br />
    I don't like Miaka Yuki.<br />
    I don't like Edward Cullen clones.<br />
    I don't like Jacob Black clones.<br />
    I don't like clones.<br />
    I don't like shopping--they make my feet hurt.<br />
    I don't like my bad habits.<br />
    I don't like bright pink.<br />
    I don't like people who are pissy and whiny.<br />
    I don't like people that doesn't have manners.<br />
    I don't like how the world is so complicated to live in.<br />
    I don't like harmful temptations that keep me from being happy.<br />
    I don't like cigarettes--just the thought of them make me frown.<br />
    <br />
    I love my mommy heart
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