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  • Artist Info: Hmmmm what to say? I'm 20 years old and a musical freak/harry potter buff. I love acting and striving hard to get past my first get into my college program this fall. I love anime and collecting anime love pictures. With those pictures I hope to be inspired to write poetry again. It's been a while since I wrote my last poem, but I'm not to sad about it. I spend most of my life studying and working. But that's what you get for someone who wants to make it far with a chip on their shoulder. <br />
    <br />
    Also, I sometimes go through and scout the avitar arenas to see what's going on. I also submit occasionally when I feel like it. I have seen multiple ends of the spectrum when it comes to there and I want to compete with the best. I know I give harsh criticism but I focus on the truth. I don't tell you that you things like "fail" or "this looks like crap." I will, however, tell you what I don't like and why you didn't get a good rate from me. To paraphrase Langston Hughes, "Life ain't no crystal stair."<br />
    <br />
    do not vote less than 3/5 on any avitar, unless it is in the wrong arena which is no vote. Origional avitars are themed avitars that you put together because of a roleplay or your own "brilliant" idea. It shouldn't be clutter that's slapped together. Also cross-gender cosplay avitars should go here. Cosplays are the real deal. A femal Link/Harry Potter is not. Cosplay avitars are based off of characters from books, mythology, movies, and tv. They can also be real life people from either today or history. Now please do not confuse the two.<br />
    <br />
    What do I mean by "total package"? Well let's put it this way, we all seen some sort of animal show. Prime example would be the dog shows seen on animal planet. Well in each category (IE: Best of Show, Sporting, Toy, Working, etc.) there are multiple breeds of dogs that are competing against each other. The judges do not go and point to the prettiest one and say THAT's best of group/show. They take time to compare not only that dog to how it stands up to the other dogs, but by that dog's breed's standards. Thus, they have to have the total package.<br />
    <br />
    Category Standards are as followed: Generic vote is 3/5<br />
    Origional Avitar Arena<br />
    1 for Creative Title~Does it draw me in?<br />
    1 for Creative Avitar~Does it go with the title and description? Does it make me want to know more about it<br />
    1 for Origional Idea~I've seen people copy avi's in the past when the idea is good. Example: The naked avi infront of the stand of people with a drink. When it did good, i've seen copies of it by other people.<br />
    1 for Creative Description~Give me a story about the particular avi. I want to know about it. Not WHY you have something there or why you did it (see below).<br />
    -1 for Lack of Creativity~self explanitory<br />
    -1 for Appologies, justifications, and bragging.~I don't care how much you spend on your avi. Cost means nothing if you don't have heart behind it. I don't care WHY you put something in it. Appologising for something is weakness. Have confidence in your work! If you wish to do this, put it in the comments. Don't muck up your entry with it.<br />
    -1 Cohesiveness~Does it all flow together good<br />
    <br />
    Cosplay Avitar Arena~The title should be the character you are cosplaying<br />
    1 Origional Avitar~The list of avitars that are basically dead is below.<br />
    1 Creative Avitar~ Is the cosplay creative. If everyone done it, does it stand out above the rest. This is what saves the dead avi's<br />
    1 Creative Description~ I want you to tell me something about the character, especially if it isn't a well known one. If it well is, a quote can suffice just as much for description.<br />
    1 Reference picture~ This is totally an option. There are times where I cannot find a good reference picture, or one that does the cosplay justice. If you do, that's great! Just make sure it goes good with the avi.<br />
    -1 Lack of origionality~ Self explanitory see list below<br />
    -1 Lack of creativity~ Sadly, even some good cosplays aren't creatively put together. I do give ideas on how to make it bettter<br />
    -1 Appologies and justifications.~ More cosplay votes are ruined because of this. I have people tell me I've done either a great job and ruined the character on the same avitar. BUT I STILL SOLDIER ON! <br />
    -1 Cohesiveness~ Does everything flow nicely together<br />
    <br />
    Automatically a 3/5 vote unless I state otherwise<br />
    Link~ABSOLUTELY NO VOTE: I've seen tons of them in the same competition.<br />
    Cloud from FF7<br />
    Naruto Characters<br />
    THE Sailor Moon~Other characters from the series are welcomed<br />
    Mario and Luigi<br />
    Princess Zelda<br />
    Princess Peach<br />
    Master Cheff<br />
    Sephiroth<br />
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