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  • Artist Info: *he smiles, genuinely happy at her answer, and continues in his deep voice*<br />
    ...the humans began to fight amongst themselves... knowing that they had spawned from the angels and demons, they took sides, trying to continue the never ending fight for power, and supremecy...<br />
    ...they used their inherated powers during these great wars... powers that had everything to do with the natural, and spiritual world...<br />
    But neither side came out ontop. It's almost as if man kind is locked into hatred and war... from time immemorial.. *he chuckles softly*<br />
    ...to try to gain an upper hand to the slaughter...<br />
    secret societies were created on either side. Generals were made by taking exceptional humans, and locking into their bodies, a soul of an angel or a demon...<br />
    ...to symbolize which was which, each human was branded with their alignment.. on their backs...<br />
    *he shifts, almost uneasy*<br />
    ...sad thing was... some were taken from the wrong side, and inside them, was locked the soul of the hatred they bore...<br />
    I was one of those generals.. in that great war....<br />
    *he pulls away to gaze at her intently*<br />
    ...would you like to see my brand?....<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    *he smiles softly, and slowly, he gets up, letting her sit on the couch*<br />
    ...It wont upset me for you to see...<br />
    *he turned his back to her, and slowly pulled his long pony tail over his shoulder to rest on his chest, still slightly dripping*<br />
    *on his back, was branded huge angel wings, but not the regular type, that anyone would have seen. The feathers were etched in black, but as he took each breath, and his body shifted, they shimmered white. the feathers and the wings were huge, starting at his shoulder blades, and trailing down his back, disappearing into his pants, almost seemingly never ending*<br />
    ...Like I said... sometimes they got it wrong..<br />
    An angel's soul trapped in the mind and heart of a demon...<br />
    *he glanced over his shoulder to her, and smiled gently*<br />
    ...so then...<br />
    *his head drops slowly as he ponders*<br />
    ...whatever does that make me...<br />
    *he chuckles to himself*<br />
    ...but that's not where the story ends...<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    *he was silent for a moment, letting his mind wonder through memories*<br />
    ...yes... you may... but dont be surprised at what you might feel...<br />
    *he closes his eyes, as the etchings seem to tug at her fingers tips, being so close to them*<br />
    ...before I was sealed away.. in this body... before I was... doomed to lead a life of doubt.. I fought for the demons... I had many friends there.. we all thought we were doing what we needed to survive... all of that..<br />
    I had a companion.. His name was Shadow... his skin was that of ebony... and his eyes.. glimmered as brightly as mine own... we both rivaled each other in skill and strength..<br />
    *he shivers softly and a slight sigh escapes his lips*<br />
    After I was sealed away like this.. I never saw him again... but to this day, I still love him as much as my doubt ridden heart will allow me..<br />
    A few millenia ago.. I was put in charge of a small couple of, say.. a few thousand. We were called the Templar...<br />
    My soul longed for me to fight for the side of light, but my heart cried otherwise..<br />
    I did what I was ordered...<br />
    A few centuries ago... a battle raged on for centuries beyond the sight of normal humans... for now.. normal humans had lost their memories of angels.. demons.. and magic...<br />
    *he brought a hand up to rub at the back of his neck*<br />
    ...At the end of this particular battle... me, the leader of the templars... and another, leader of a group of demons called the Illuminati, came face to face...<br />
    our physical forms had changed over the sands of time... but I knew his eyes...<br />
    It was Shadow...<br />
    *he closes his eyes, and swallows hard, seemingly lost in his own memories*<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    *the etchings seem to dance under her finger tips, almost feeling as if pricks of ice needles touched her skin every inch of the way*<br />
    *he smiles gently, snapped out of it by her touch*<br />
    ...what happened?...<br />
    nothing...<br />
    that was the problem...<br />
    Both of our battalions wasted each other.. it finally came down to us, like it always had in the past....<br />
    I had finally gotten him to the ground, and was ready to deliver the final blow, when my heart... my heart of that demon... cried so loud that I was rendered powerless, and weak...<br />
    And even then, he took me in his arms, and told me that it would be okay.. that he held nothing against me... and that...<br />
    *his voice catches and he goes silent for just a moment*<br />
    .....<br />
    that when we both die... and we return... our souls will meet where there are no sides to choose... where there is no war... and we can go back to laughing each night...<br />
    *one single tear falls to the floor, shattering into what seems like shards of glass and ice*<br />
    ....<br />
    I couldn't kill him... and neither could he kill me...<br />
    This didn't go over well with the council that had sealed me in the first place... they took my battalion.. and my general powers... and sentenced me to live among the normal humans... still with my powers... but unneeded in the war of magic.. angels.. and demons...<br />
    ...and then... only a few months ago....<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    A few months ago.. I had found him.... He had those piercing eyes that only I could read.. still full of his own magic... but a deeper magic.. It felt far off, something that I couldn't grasp...<br />
    *he smiles softly, and glances at her from over his shoulder*<br />
    We became great friends.. It reminded me of those days... we would laugh all night... speak of hardships we had gone through in this life time... but when I brought up what I knew of him, and me...<br />
    He told me he couldn't remember...<br />
    I told him the story of how we came to be where we are now...<br />
    I think his heart started to believe me... started to remember... but his brain and his new life held him back from his own magic... his own memories...<br />
    He couldn't remember me... not the way he used too...<br />
    *he turns his face back so that she can't see it, as his voice catches again softly*<br />
    ...<br />
    *he clears his throat and continues*<br />
    ...but in the midnight hours in which we talked of magic.. and in which his heart remembered...<br />
    there was a moment... in which he told me... that no matter what happened in this world, in this life.. when we both die... and we return... our souls will meet where there are no sides to choose....<br />
    I knew then...that he remembered my soul... not as it is today... but as it was to him forever ago.. and that I had to keep faith in that fact... in the fact that he will meet me there... where the world ends, and there is only oblivion left...
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