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  • Artist Info: Hiya visitors! Sanym here! cat_blaugh <br />
    Welcome to my profile guys! I'm really not a talkative person so I'll keep this short cat_wink <br />
    Well I'm more or less a dark person. I like to keep things to myself and it's nearly impossible for someone to truly know me. Heck I doubt I know myself. But anyway, since my character is dark I've learned to value even the most mandane lil' thingy. After all I believe in the saying "If you want to see a miracle, just open your eyes. Everywhere you look, there's magic in disguise. Even in the most darker parts of one's self". Optimistic right? But I believe in it, and follow it. And so I once again I became a chatterbox without meaning it...*sigh*.<br />
    Thanks if you've read this far! cat_4laugh Also don't forget to check my soul sister's profile, Reah Soul's, and my BFF's profile, Saiko Lily's! cat_whee <br />
    Sanym, signing off!
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