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    Name: Mustang <br />
    Age: 32<br />
    Date Of Birth: June 11th <br />
    Gender: Female <br />
    What do you class yourself as?: Tomboy <br />
    Nationalities: Italian-American----25%, French----25%, Polish----25%, Canadian----25% <br />
    Taken or Single?: Single, bisexual/lesbian<br />
    Personality: I love animals cats mostly, Imma child at heart, I play mario and kingdom heart video games and different games depending on what they are, Yokies ish my GaiaOnline Besty forever. <br />
    Likes: Mixing 2 drinks into 1, video games, Dr. Pepper, Monster Energy Drinks and Sobe drinks the most, Kingdom Hearts (riku is my fav character), i like some music, chinese food, italian food, some mexican food, junk food, some spicy food, kimchi is my favorite spicy food.<br />
    Dislikes: Mean people, my heart always being broken, being sad all the time i miss being happy like i used to be, cranberry sauce and anything else with cranberries in it, beets, artichokes, anchovies, guacamole, can't drink coffee straight black it taste like s**t to me, soy milk taste like milk that took a s**t, prune juice <br />
    Tattoos I either wanna get or work on getting: a italian heart with the italian colors that says Italian Tomboy it will be in the middle of my back<br />
    Nicknames I will go by: Mustang, Musty, Cobra, Gemini, Shelby, Midnight, Darky, Darkest
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