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  • Artist Info: Hi everyone, please call me Miru! By day I'm a normal school girl; by night I fight evil shadows and nightmares. Well, I want you guys to know I’m completely in love and obsessed with cute animals, romantic stories, pixel art, and fantasy. I really love all this, makes me so happy. I also like to chat and meet new people!<br />
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    My favorite foods are hamburger and lasagna. If you like this and you know how to cook them then marry me. I enjoy cleaning my room because I find it so relaxing.. Hobbies include looking at cute guys (uh oh hello), watching dramas, variety shows, shopping, daydreaming. I like to gaze at the sky and clouds and take photos of every little thing. I’d love to travel around the world one day.<br />
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    Forever dreaming ( ゝ◡╹)ノ♡ ꒒ ০ ⌵ ୧<br />
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