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    Hey, I'm Steve, or you can call me iAutopilot or simply Auto. I'm 17 years old, who's birthday is on February 4. I am a guy, but I am gay, and single. My hobbies are singing, dancing, playing games, writing, drawing, reading, watching TV, hanging with friends, talking, and listening to music. I do happen to smoke, so get over it ;D. My particular genre of music is Metal which includes many variations, but I like Hard Rock, Alternative, Punk Rock, Dance, Hardcore, Grindcore, Techno. My color's are Red, Black, Orange, White, Purple, Lime Green, Electric Blue, even Shocking Pink. Naturally I am a shy person, I really don't like going up to people, but if you come to me and we have a good conversation then I open up. In Gaia towns though you can normally find me in 001000 8 or 9 Barton. I don't mind people calling me by my first name, but I prefer to be asked if you want to use my first name because I hate people calling me by it who I don't know. Oh I did have pictures of me below, showing my face in them more, but of course my profile is being retarded so it's not letting the links stay as well links, so if you want to see pictures pm me. (Worked in preview till I went to my profile then it didn't)<br />
    <br />
    ~AIM: Sbren4242<br />
    ~MSN: iAutopilotXV@live.com<br />
    ~XBOX LIVE: TormentEDheart0<br />
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