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  • Artist Info: Hey hey hey everyone~!<br />
    Call me Coke, Coka,Coka-Cola, you can also call me Thing A if you like, i also accept Super Thing, Thing King, CHOCOLATE THUNDAAA, or Mo. c: I am really odd, random, childish, friendly, generous, fun, weird, wise(?) and always there for others. My most favourite animal is a monkey and my favourite colors are lime green, soft blue and orange! I've got a pretty high intelligence, but not too high. My age shall stay unknown to you ninja Most people adore my avatars mainly because of their humour, style, look, awesomeness and how epic they are (Yes, be jealous) My B-day is on November 13th, I do accept friend requests if I've met you, talked to you, played zOMG with you, but i don't accept random requests. Now that is all you can know about me, you may now continue stalking me...<br />
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