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  • Artist Info: The origin of TrueFiction. Well, To tell you the true it really just started out as a game lol. Just my sister, my cousins and myself talking on the phone about stuff we'd do if we had powers. Soon enough it became a story. Several Eps. that were wrote down were just ideas we talked about. After that we spent all our time thinking about how to make our story longer and better. Soon enough we fell in love with our story. It's what we think about night and day.<br />
    <br />
    My sister (Pen Name) Rezondra, she draws all the art we need for the story. She is amazing. The many characters we think up, she brings them to life with a drawing. Drecin (Pen Name) helps a lot when with the ideas to bring new events and characters to the story That and along with myself. Lithin (Pen Name) helps types when she can and also helps with ideas for her characters or anything she thinks up. I Inciro (Pen Name) just write the story to keep it from leaving our heads and edit the pictures on photoshop. Sometimes I type. Sicada what she can to help.<br />
    <br />
    This story means so much to us and we try and work hard to try and keep it going. It's a dream we have that means everything to us. We hope one day it comes true.
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