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    If yoo got the balls to fight, then wrap yoor mouth around this: <br />
    I'm one of the benevolent 'pedagogues' of humanity. <br />
    i'm that part of yoo that did the spontanious and got the consiquences. <br />
    But being a hopless romantic ain't easy. <br />
    Theres ppl out there who were just born to bring yoo down. <br />
    Not me, <br />
    I just offer constrctive critisism. <br />
    i'd like to think i'ma a renegade Juliet,<br />
    balance out my apitite for <br />
    Class C felonies with Church on Sundays. <br />
    but its a one way stupid, <br />
    dumb <br />
    and hyphy <br />
    life we live. <br />
    So, get yoor kikks <br />
    while yoor still kikkin.
    <br />
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