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  • Artist Info: Hello and welcome to my profile! My name is Kaitlin, but you can call me Zombie if you'd like. Really, whatever you can remember. (:<br />
    I adore reading. I'm not picky about the genre so long as it keeps my attention, but my favorite is horror/suspense. My favorite author is John Saul. I'm interested in reading a Sci-fi series, although I've never read any. I want to read the Dune series. I've read a lot of great things about the series. If you know a Sci-fi book series you like, why not share? (:<br />
    I love Steampunk-esque things. I don't dress up in Steampunk clothes, but I think it looks amazing. (:<br />
    I like to meet new people so if you'd like to say hello, just drop me a line on my profile or wherever you'd like. Happy posting ye fellow Gaians! ^_^<br />
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    Wow, I just realized my profile looks very noob-like. I can't seem to figure out how to change the color of the comment/wishlist/about me/friends etc boxes. :I *sigh*<br />
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    (Quote)<br />
    "Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground." - Theodore Roosevelt<br />
    <br />
    (Muted)<br />
    Muted:<br />
    <br />
    Muted.<br />
    She walked along this unmarked road.<br />
    Cracked and worn by time.<br />
    Her skin.<br />
    Delicate as porcelain.<br />
    Shattered by grief.<br />
    Tears stung her flesh as they flowed.<br />
    Unstoppable.<br />
    Leafs gold and white.<br />
    Falling from negative trees.<br />
    Her bare feet gliding.<br />
    Unprotected.<br />
    White as snow.<br />
    Scarred by apparent love.<br />
    Never looking back.<br />
    At this life she once lived in.<br />
    She tried to will It away.<br />
    Her voice.<br />
    Muted by fear.<br />
    Her eyes blue as the sky.<br />
    Watched as snowflakes fell.<br />
    Scared to turn around.<br />
    Her tears fell.<br />
    Violent.<br />
    Never to stop.<br />
    Shes going to drown.<br />
    She ran.<br />
    Unknowing where.<br />
    Away from him.<br />
    The gun swaddled in her thin coat.<br />
    She thought she may freeze before needing it.<br />
    Feet aching.<br />
    She kept going.<br />
    Intent on what she was doing.<br />
    She heard a voice behind her.<br />
    The tears flowed faster.<br />
    She tried to scream out for help.<br />
    Her mouth opened.<br />
    Nothing.<br />
    She stopped.<br />
    Took the gun.<br />
    Hands shaking.<br />
    Eyes closed.<br />
    Put it to her head.<br />
    Scared to pull.<br />
    Scared not to.<br />
    Standing in the road.<br />
    She pulled.<br />
    The last tear shell ever cry fell.<br />
    Her vision became black.<br />
    She fell to the cracked concrete.<br />
    On her knees.<br />
    Then she saw her new home.<br />
    No more pain.<br />
    Speechless perfection.<br />
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