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  • Artist Info: Well, Hi there!<br />
    The name is Maggie, but honestly... you can call me whatever the heck you want.<br />
    Let me put this out here so no one gets all bitchy with me.<br />
    I do swear, curse, whatever you call it.<br />
    So, if you are a little kid or just plain hate it, then I suggest you stop the bond we are forming at this very moment (:<br />
    Now onto the normal crap!<br />
    I freaking love music, I don't care if you hate my style... but if you tell me that you hate music... INSTANT shunnification.<br />
    I look way older than I actually am, I'm currently 14 years old pedos ;P<br />
    I freaking love this date: 1/6/96, why? Because it's my birthdate idiot 4laugh <br />
    I do have an AIM, Yahoo, and MSN. I don't just give them out to your pollwhores but I do give them out to my friends.<br />
    If you want to call/text then ask me because I can do that shit.<br />
    Want a fansign? The first one is free (If you are my friend)<br />
    The rest MIGHT cost like 100g, psh that's nothing ;P<br />
    I love avi art (*coughgimmesomecough*)?<br />
    <br />
    L-O-V-E "It's better than just circles":<br />
    Music (pronounced Moo-zic) ;P<br />
    A guy named Jon <3 (*sigh*)<br />
    my gaia buddies.<br />
    Video games!<br />
    Manga<br />
    Myyearbook.com<br />
    Donations *cough* <3<br />
    Avi Art<br />
    Pokemon ;P<br />
    Literate people<br />
    Acting at least slightly mature.<br />
    You (:<br />
    Brit (Oh yea, you better read this bish!)<br />
    Scary Movies <333<br />
    The CB<br />
    My current username<br />
    Sierra, whom is the coolest chick I know up to date<br />
    <br />
    Fucking hate (: Seriously.. :<br />
    Haters...<br />
    People Begging for Gold D:<<br />
    School work<br />
    Reading actual books...<br />
    "txt tlk"<br />
    Hackers/Scammers<br />
    When my computer/internet decides to piss me off<br />
    The Catholic Religion.<br />
    People who use words that even they don't understand.<br />
    My current computer... (the hard drive is freaking corrupt thanks soo much HP)<br />
    The fact I rarely update the photos on my profile.<br />
    The fact this is still under construction.<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    *~*PiCtUrEs Of Me*~*<br />
    User Image<br />
    User Image<br />
    I do fansigns (: for free! <3
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