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  • Artist Info: Well hiya. I be sasuki. i have many other accounts, you might notice. and i have tried my best to make them all fabulous XD Alright: about me.<br />
    Name: "SasukiMimochi"<br />
    Gender: I think its obvious.<br />
    Best friend: Momo & Kate & My Sempai<br />
    Fav Music: Vocaloid and My Chemical Romance<br />
    Fav color: Alot. Black, Blue, Crimson red, silver, golden yellow. But i suppose i like bloody red best.<br />
    Favorite items: My necklace- it holds my 2 usb's my house key, my ring, my dragon and the key to my heart. Another is: My drawing notebooks. or the computer. <3<br />
    Club?: Anime club. Current Position: President<br />
    Candy: Lemon drops, coffee butterscotch<br />
    drink: almost anything carbonated and apple juice<br />
    food: sushi...pizza...T-T how i miss you so...<br />
    medicine: <3 cough drop<br />
    odd item: red lightbulb, glasses ( i need them...but don't wear them?)<br />
    preffered headphones: big. if its hot, small.<br />
    favorite drawing tool: my pencil and tablet.<br />
    i dunno. you have a question i might answer it.<br />
    :3 -retreat- heart whee heart ninja heart <br />
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