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  • Artist Info: Alright, hi, so uh, yeah, i'm Thick Master, or thick, or TM. or, whatever else you want to call me just not master, it's kinda weird. Anyways, i'm 25, male. i mostly just sit around on here and make outfits. repeatedly. Or ill sit around in towns, more often than none hiding behind something lurking and reading chat. creepy i know but eh, it amuses me. i usually don't engage in group conversations, more commonly one to one type of conversation. i can be "hyper" i guess at times, though mostly just kinda, chill for the most part, i generally like all types of music, depends on the mood really, i love gaming, shooters, rpgs, turn based, strategy, retro, indie, i like it all. Netflix? don't know if i should count that as TV or not since it's mostly TV shows...anyways. i'm not too exciting of a person but i can be rather fun or amusing to talk to, i enjoy randomly gifting people things during my lurking sessions. i'm employed, nothing fancy, i work at a grocery store as a florist, I do enjoy reading but due to my now extreme lack of a attention span i cant sit still long enough to enjoy them anymore. So uh, yeah, if you see me feel free to say hi i guess? or send a message. or smoke signals, carrier pigeon, i don't really care about the specifics. oh and uh, welcome to my profile.<br />
    <br />
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    and heres a llama because i was updating this. dramallama
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