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  • Artist Info: My favorite colour is Purple<br />
    Im about 5'11'' ish<br />
    I do have a girlfriend<br />
    I live in British Columbia, Canada eh?<br />
    I have brown hair,and blue eyes<br />
    I love to work out and go to the gym, being athletic<br />
    I am very very well built and muscular (thats what girls tell me)<br />
    Im in grade 11 and im 16<br />
    If I trust you enough, I will give you my cell number to text wink <br />
    I like to take pics of myself, and if you want to see me, I can send a pic ;P<br />
    Working out is my life!<br />
    Im turning 17 in like 5 months<br />
    Im learning how to be a mechanic<br />
    I love to build things and work on motors<br />
    Im working on building my very own car!<br />
    I kinda think Im a bit too muscular :S (let me know if I send you a pic plz!)<br />
    I only sometimes drink on the weekend when I want to let loose<br />
    I like chillin with my buddehs John and Clayton and Riiccardo!!<br />
    I love having a wild time at partys!! I go nuts, and I sometimes flirts with girls ALOT when Im drunk... Watch out xD<br />
    And yeah... I hope I havent forgotten anything... if you need to know anything else about me, Pm me or just talk!
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