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  • Artist Info: [Name:]]Gloria Dnt worry bout last name<br />
    [[Age:]]16<br />
    [[Blows candles on]]:March 30<br />
    [[Status]]:Taken<br />
    [[School]]:Milby Hs<br />
    [[Grade]]:11th<br />
    [[Likes]]:animals,Texting,music,pink,going out,talking on the phone,taking pix,and alot more =D.<br />
    [[Hates]]:YOU!!!! jk,Spiders,snakes,rats,backstabbers,and yeahhhh idk.<br />
    [[Any thing else]]:IM NOT PREPPY,EMO,ROCKER,GIRLY OR ANY OF THOSE LABLES IM GLORIA!! SERIOUSLY DONT FUCKEN LABLE ME JUST BY WHAT YOU SEE....-_-...anywayss im usually a verey happy person and if nt somethings wrong bt i always have my awesome friends to help me out!!! There always there for me whenever i need them!!! so yeah talk to me im usually easy to get along with unless u start something well we arent going to get along well now are we? NO!!! -_-. P.S. JUST BECAUSE YOU READ THIS DOESNT MEAN U KNOW ME.<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
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